Toronto's Courier: United Messengers Ltd.

The Most Trusted and Experienced Rush Courier in Toronto and the GTA

IMAGE : UML Head Office
UML's Toronto Head Office
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United Messengers Ltd. are Toronto and the GTA's same-day and rush courier and delivery experts. Since 1985, customers have trusted UML's courier and shipping services to deliver their valuable and time-sensitive materials.

We offer basic rush, direct and pre-scheduled delivery services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sometimes your delivery requirements may vary and we are flexible in customizing our service levels and rates to match your needs.

We now offer 5 ton deliveries and skid deliveries in the GTA. Please call Gerard 905-738-6448 for further information

Service Levels

Our Downtown Toronto Delivery Team

Our bikers and walkers who service your downtown area deliveries are the most experienced team of its type in Toronto.

This longevity is a reflection on their commitment to the task, their security and dare we say it, a sense of personal achievement in completing each delivery on time, in a safe and secure manner.

We are proud of our couriers, and believe that you are receiving not only the best value, but also enjoying a business relationship with a caring and motivated team of service providers.

United Messengers is committed to ensuring that all items that are delivered are properly insured and kept in a secure place while being transported. Our downtown couriers have a wonderful safety record in an environment that at times, can be quite challenging.

We attempt at all times to work with our customers in order to utilize our 'non vehicle' couriers, and so play our part in the greening of Toronto.

UML utilizes leading edge technologies - including GPS tracking,
Blackberry, two-way pager, mobile phone and VHF radio
to constantly track your packages and provide real time proof of delivery.

We can always tell our customers where their package is now
and how soon it will reach its destination.